The Difference 30 Pounds Makes

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This is a tough post to write. Vulnerability at its finest.

I want to revisit the me 30+ pounds ago, reflect upon how different I’ve become, and remember why the weight loss means more to me than just a pretty picture.

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Perfectionisms: Self-Abuse Disguised as Self-Improvement

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On a run in City Park a few weeks ago, the man and I talked about how we’re both prone to perfectionism, how we both let the ultimate goal sometimes sabotage the smaller progresses, how the black-and-white, all-or-nothing way of thinking when it comes to certain goals (fitness, finance, career, etc.)  is sneaky and seductive, making us think we aren’t (ever) enough, setting us up for self-scolding and, ultimately, self-sabotage.

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How I’ve Maintained Weight With Intuitive Eating

How I've maintained weight with intuitive eating; weight loss, fitness, health, weight loss journey, running, eating right, healthy eating

First, I lost 30 pounds the wrong way

I was going through an extremely stressful period of life, and instead of packing on more pounds (which is my tendency during turmoil), I lost my appetite altogether. I’d go far too long without a reasonable meal. I also was trying to bring my spending down to almost nothing, so I’d opt for 50-cent packages of ramen noodles or rice. Not fun!

The 30 pounds—which I’d gained over years of trying to numb sadness with food—disintegrated in a rapid 3 months. This put me in danger of boomeranging the other direction once I got back on my feet. Enter: intuitive eating, which has saved my relationship with food—and with myself.

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