Outfits of the Week


Happy Friday!

Last weekend was a welcome reprieve, with Nick’s sister Ava visiting and really leaning into vacation mode. But this week has felt long, and I can’t quite explain why. Maybe I’m still recovering from Hello Dolly. Or maybe it’s just life with a pup. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this Outfits post is going live automatically because I’m currently spending the morning with Nick and his mom in Swarthmore, PA!

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Weekend Snapshots



Serious Vacation Mode

Nick’s sister Ava is visiting us (from NYC), and our weekend with her was so much fun! We’ve been celebrating her 30th and partaking in vacation-style shenanigans in general, represented in the photo above: champagne, wine, coffee, repeat. Also, food.

In other news: Harper is a giant moose/dear. Just, look.

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Daily Diet: A Look at Monday’s Food


Can you believe it’s August already? How is that real?

I haven’t done a Daily Diet post in a while, so I thought I’d do one today based on what I ate Monday after the cheeseburger-and-pizza storm that was the weekend. Back to the grind, back to the nutritious.

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Hello Dolly + Another Pupdate


This weekend was opening and closing of Hello Dolly! Eight weeks culminated in just three performances, but it was such a great experience. The city of Englewood’s summer drama program is a hidden gem in Denver’s theater community.

And since it’s National Mutt Day, I also thought I’d share the tremendous growth Harper’s made this past month, as well as what’s on the horizon for us in the month to come.

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β€œI Never Meant to Let You Down”


Note:Β Often I feel like a dual personalityβ€”one day entirely jazzed about an Outfits of the Week post, the next day disgusted by its flippancy and longing to, instead, break my heart open in an essay like the one to follow. I feel confused about how to resolve these two seemingly conflicted brains. But they are both me, and I haven’t written something like this in a while, so here it is.

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A Photo Essay: Harper’s Playtime


(You’re Welcome)

And just like that, it’s Wednesday! I thought I’d share some fun Harper the Rescue Pup pics, because she’s probably the most adorable pup ever (that’s my unbiased opinion) and because who doesn’t need a good mid-week pick-me-up?

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