5 Mile Run at Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


This is a lifestyle blog that breaks the “pick a niche” blogging rule, as well as the one where you must present yourself as postcard-ready at all times. It is (and I am) a constant work in progress. I’ve just committed this site (and myself) to truly relishing in the perfect unfolding of imperfect, everyday life.

Here you’ll find:

  • reflections on life & love
  • delicious sweet & savory recipes
  • journeys in health & fitness
  • inspirations from the home design industry
  • hunts for thrifty fashion
  • (self-)discoveries in Denver, Colorado & beyond!



My name is Vanessa, and I live in Denver, Colorado. I am in love with living more deliberately, from the delicious foods I choose to eat to the people I carefully let into my heart.

Sandra Dee

I write and edit for two successful home design and lifestyle magazines. When I’m not ramping up content for those publications and The Real Life, I’m: running, cooking (and eating!), laughing with friends, holing up in the library, cuddling my pets, redecorating my apartment, revamping my wardrobe, and performing in musical theater in and around the metro area.

Please feel comfortable interacting and leaving comments!
I am so happy to have you here, and I want to know more about you! 


Shoot me an email at ContactTheRealLife@gmail.com!



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