My 8th Stitch Fix: A Lesson in Feedback

My 8th Stitch Fix: A Lesson in Feedback | THE REAL LIFE blog | fitness, food, fashion, and fun in Colorado

My Stylist’s Advice

I racked up some referral credit lately and decided to schedule a new Stitch Fix for my upcoming trip to LA for the Design Bloggers Conference!

The loot wasn’t exactly what I expected, but then again, my stylist gave me some good feedback on how to be more successful with my Fixes.

Take a look at what I got, and kept!

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How I Get Stitch Fix Items for FREE!

How I consistently earn referral credit to use to get free Stitch Fix items.jpg

Rack Up Referral Credit

When it comes to Stitch Fix, I learned early on that it might not be totally worth it to use the service unless you downright hate shopping or have no time to invest in your wardrobe. The clothing can be pricey and not any better quality than your average store.

BUT it’s definitely worth it if your items are FREE. Let me show you how I do it.

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My 6th Stitch Fix: Fall-Inspired Picks

Stitch Fix #6: Patterned Blouse, Skinny Jeans, Brown Suede Booties, Patched Sweater, Fall Fashion | THE REAL LIFE Blog | fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle, Colorado

For my stylist Leah, I decided to create a new Pinterest board focused on Fall fashion: sweaters, scarves, boots, etc.

She chose some great concepts, but they didn’t quite hit the mark, unfortunately.

See what I did keep, though!

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Outfits of the Week



You guys… GREASE OPENS TONIGHT! I am beyond excited!

To keep things brief again: Here are this week’s outfits. Keep in mind this has been tech week, with work from 8-4 and then full run-throughs of the show after that, with a call at 5pm and leaving the theater at around 10:30pm every night. Oof!

Bonus: I have an update on what I kept from my 5th Stitch Fix!

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My 5th Stitch Fix: What Should I Keep?

What I got in my 5th Stitch Fix shipment! | THE REAL LIFE Blog | Stitch Fix, fashion, style, clothing, clothes, dress, lace, kimono, shopping, blouse, work attire, outfits


Happy Thursday, friends!

Like you know, I’m busy this week, so we’ll get down to it. I’ll post pics, share the prices, and give a brief run-down of how each piece felt.

Tell me which ones you think I should keep!

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My 4th Stitch Fix: A Different Approach

My new approach to Stitch Fix styling


…kind of. Last time around, I changed my Style Profile to more expensive items, because I wanted to focus on business event attire and looking more professional. My stylist Leah knocked it out of the park!

However, I also had to realize that, in general, I need to get more aggressive in my saving strategy for a new apartment coming up in July.

Here’s how I compromised…

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What I’m Dreaming About For My Closet

WHAT I'M PLANNING FOR MY NEXT STITCH FIX: work attire, cocktail dresses, and dressy fashion clothes


I’ve overhauled my Stitch Fix style profile and overall approach to the styling service… which means hunting for ideas on Pinterest for my stylist, Leah.

This time around, I am looking for dressier pieces for work events, performing, and just being a polished lady (when I’m not in sweats).

Here are my current favorite pieces of inspiration!

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